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About us

Hello, my name is Takashi Takeda, education representative.
Thank you very much for visiting our web site!

肩組みWe plan and produce concerts, theatrical performances, events, workshops and lectures, mainly at school arts programs.
As a representative, I am acting as an actor and a moderator, including producing, directing and stage director of the appreciation program. In addition, I have served as a director of a performance course at a private high school in Osaka city, and I am currently active as a lecture sessions of acting classes, workshops and expression systems.

In Japan the opportunities for children to interact with the performing arts are very limited.
The number of times of going to plays, music concerts, performances of traditional performing arts etc. in the family or among friends is less than once per year per person, and the proportion is lower as young people.

Under such circumstances, efforts for children to come into contact with the performing arts in the form of "School Arts Program" have been undertaken for over 50 years. This is an artist's visit to a public cultural facility such as a school gym or an auditorium or a civic center and hosting concerts, theatrical performances, etc. As efforts were made nationwide as part of school events (extracurricular lesson). In general, as a "art appreciation fee", we collect a fixed amount (500 yen ~ 1, 000 yen) from students and use it for implementation fee. Performance is also various, but on the premise that it is a performance at school, incorporate polite commentary and experience type preferences, and carry out part of emotional education and aim for the extension of personality and communication ability It is done.

いっしょに歌おうSchool is a place where children go to daily and live together for a long time. It is no exaggeration to say that even if the family environment and the economic situation differ, it is the only place where everyone can touch the art fairly and equally as a part of education and enjoy the wonderfulness.
In the case of meeting music and theater at the art appreciation meeting held at school, the interest and attention to art spread from there, or the consciousness to become professional arose, has never been few.
I was also shocked by the shadow play when I was in elementary school, had a strong interest in the performance work (Akai Rosoku to Watashi)(red candle and mermaid) and the author (Mimei Ogawa).After that, I have had the experience of reading a lot of his work.

Is this "School Arts Program" style unique to Japan or is it common in the world? I do not know now. However, in order to find dreams, hopes and romances in everyday life, or to foster a richer sensibility, the experience of watching and listening to the performing arts at school must not be lost unless the child lives vigorously every day I believe.
But actual circumstances are also severe. Because the number of students is small, it is difficult to make a budget, so because it is far from urban areas ... schools that abolish the school art appreciation society are also increasing. This is truly deplorable.

ジャンプIt is important to overcome such a situation and to provide as many opportunities for appreciation as possible to more children and recognize that it is our top priority.
To that end, we are trying to offer a number of high-quality works that children can foresee and absorb at an inexpensive price ... first of all.
And encounter with art is for children
"Being vitality to live tomorrow",
"Imagination, creativity and expression power will be refined",
"Respecting and respecting personality of self and others"
" To experience the refreshingness of being able to appreciate and communicate with each other in groups" · · ·
As we will be, artists and we are all willing to work hard together.









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